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It is always common to hear synonyms, appeals and other forms to refer to the trade of certain persons or professions like will writers. For solicitors, this is not a foreign matter, especially between colleagues. It is thus that in a country like England, very given to nicknames or aliases, it is possible to find a long list of appeals, some merely formal, others simply flattering or uplifting of the profession or there are also derogatory type.

In some cases, these words come from certain prototypes of solicitors that have been created over the years, and according to each one of them, they are given a denomination, as happens with probate will writers, which are recursively personified in Birminghams television and literary writings.

On the other hand, there are the terms that are more common among the same lawyers, either for their academic training or for their use in the performance of their daily tasks, such is the case of “wills”. In this journey of words, they do not fail to miss the terms as “doctor” or “dentist”, which by its real meaning leaves in doubt whether it is valid to use them or not as synonymous with these professionals. However, they are very much heard every day.

On the subject of the lawyer’s Day when a will is fulfilled, the legal field made a selection of some used terms, a lot of hearings, a few other acquaintances, but they are also part of what we can call “list of lawyers”. (read: Why is June 22nd the day of the lawyer?) It accompanies the list with the definition of the grammar of the Royal Academy of the Language.

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Defender: This term refers to an action that is exercised, so it can be said that it is the professional who protects or defends a cause or someones illegal last will and testament. Similarly, if the word is regarded as a noun, it may refer to a player’s position within a sports team.

General. Lawyer who in trial is in charge of a written wills defense in Birmingham

Doctor: In this case the word, although commonly used to refer to medical practitioners, is used to refer to almost everyone and, many times, for purposes of yielding some kind of homage, this, perhaps, because it denotes hierarchy or a rang or superiority. In England, it is widely used to mention lawyers with a will writer birmingham.

General. Official title and valid in all the national territory that receive the people who have passed the teaching of doctorate or that has received the highest university academic degree. (read: Should the use of the Doctor be banned to refer to lawyers?)

Judge: This term would fall on the director of a court or judicial office. On the other hand, it can be said that he is the person in charge of administering justice with a failed will upon death

General. Member of a jury or court. Person with authority and power to judge and sentence.

Although it is not so common to hear it, it is known thus to those people, within the field of the law, which is dedicated, especially, to write about the profession and, in addition, to solve legal consultations.

History. Secular Roman jurist who emitted opinions or opinions motivated in response to consultations that asked him on specific cases of both authorities and individuals.

General. Person dedicated to the study, interpretation and application of the law of will writing.

Jurist: person versed in laws or expert in them and in jurisprudence. This term, like “doctor”, can denote a certain hierarchical level over others.

General. A person who exercises a profession related to the study or application of the right or with his or her teaching.

Forensic: It is said of those scholars of the law and their different specialties.

General. Person versed in law or professor of law or jurisprudence and who studies jurisprudence or laws.

It is a pejorative term used to disqualify certain lawyers, arguing that they know little about the law. While these boast of knowing a lot about laws and their application, rather little to nothing is what they know about them. In the face of their little training, they cling to the rules as their only lifeline. In Nicaragua, for example, this word refers to those who make illegal actions or procedures in the court.

General. Lawyer with little training or lack of good judgment. Person who applies the right without rigor and casually.

Lawyer: Here you can situate the educated professional and who has a lot of knowledge, reader and with an ample intellectual background.

General. Lawyer, legal adviser. Jurist of a public institution in charge of studying and preparing his opinions or resolutions.

Licensed: From entry you can say that he has obtained a license for something or describing a person who completed a university degree, but also sounds Mexican court, as that famous “Tell me licensed” used by one of the characters Most popular Will Writing program.

General. A person who has the title corresponding to a university degree.

Litigant: They are the professionals that are dedicated to practicing in courts, tends to work solving controversies representing one of the involved parties.

General. Procedural part in a trial or litigation.

Magistrate: This term, by itself, suggests a higher, higher category, if you will. Therefore, its use to refer to someone exalts the professional qualities of a person. In England and Wales, the magistrates are the ones who make up the high courts.

General. A member of the judicial career with a higher rank than the judge’s.

Poor wills: This is another of the derogatory terms used to speak “bad” of a lawyer and his professional performance in writing wills, since he totally disqualifies his work and even leaves in question his ethics and his academic training. Based on that is a composite word, you can say that is who knows and likes to marry fights.

General. Lawyer with few technical fundamentals and usually a breach of the ethical principles of the profession.

Legal Wills: “Clerk and Pusher” are the first definitions offered by the Internet to digitize this word in the search engine, but in a more colloquial environment could be detailed to a legal will as a small-time lawyer, distinguished not only by his particular form D and dress, but as a talker and usually puts his office or offices in public places.

Wills and Death: This word is often used as a synonym for a lawyer in sentences of the disciplinary room of the Higher Council of the Judiciary. On the other hand, and based on simpler terms, it can be deduced that it is a person wearing the will.

General. Magistrate, Judge. You saw wills and death. It mainly refers to the superior magistrates.

The list is really short and therefore it is possible that some have been left on the outside, which in the opinion of the reader could be part of it. Or, in some cases, a lexicon that does not apply to this trade. So, for you, what words would you include or what would you exclude and why?